Guide to Choosing a Wireless Router

If you usually use the internet at home or the office, you may need a router to distribute the signal to multiple users. There are various types of routers in the market. You need to research well to determine which router will be best for you.

Consider the number of devices that will be connected to the router you wish to purchase. These include all desktops, laptops and handheld devices.  When you know the number of devices in your office, it will be easier to determine the capability of the router to go for. Look up change netgear password online for help. 

Another important consideration is size of your office. The size of the office will determine the signal strength that users will be receiving from the router. If you have a big office, you want to go with a router that can transmit internet signals over a larger area.

Wireless Router Speed
When it comes to speed, there are a lot to choose from. Nowadays, it's the MIMO technology that can provide the fastest speed. MIMO stands for Multiple Input-Multiple Output. It can provide speed up to 108 Mbps and is compatible with both G and B protocols. MIMO is more appropriate in large homes and offices. However, don't buy anything less than 802.11g for regular homes. An 802.11 super g can provide reliable connection.

Wireless Cable Modem and Others
A wireless cable modem may be more expensive to upgrade and have more compatibility problems but it combines the function of a wireless router and a cable modem. This is ideal for limited spaces that cannot accommodate the clutter of different wires. It's also good to have a wireless cable modem when there are children around to avoid accidents. This is useful in a place where many computer units need to be attached to a modem for internet connection. So, what is the best wireless router? The consumer is the best judge but hopefully, the things listed above will help.

Firmware of the Router
Most of the time, your office network will be connected to the internet. If the network is not secured, third parties can break into it and compromise your company data. This is something you don't want. Therefore, check that the router you want to purchase has the latest firmware. Apart from this, the firmware should be able to automatically update when the router is connected online.

Follow the guide above when looking to buy a wireless router. For further assistance, check out routerlogin setup online.